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Geology, Survey, Design, Mine Planning and Production Scheduling
GEMS is designed to manage and optimise the identification, quantification and extraction of your ore-bodies. The system is built around open, industry-standard databases that support both client-server and single-use modes of opeation.

With its scalable architecture, GEMS easily fits into your computing environment, interacting with your existing Microsoft applications and enabling you to achieve unprecedented levels of integration and information sharing.

GEMS has a modular architecture that allows you to select the appropriate functionality for your specific operation. GEOVIA has created a selection of pre-configured systems, knows as GEMS configuration, that encompass a wide variety of common activities.

GEMS ensures that all of the activities in your operation are tightly linked together, giving you a powerful competitive advantage, improved decision-making and utimately, increased profitability.
- GEMS Configurations [pdf]
- GEMS Advanced Exploration [pdf]
- GEMS Essentials [pdf]
- GEMS Exploration [pdf]
- GEMS FieldUnit [pdf]
- GEMS Resource Evaluation [pdf]
Integrated Geology, Resource Modelling, Mine Planning and Production
Surpac is the most widely used software system of its kind in the world, with clients located across 90 countries. Surpac is a comprehensive system for orebody evaluation, open pit and underground mine design, mine planning and production, used by geologists, engineers and surveyors daily.
Central Applications
- Graphics and visualisation
- Plotting
- Automation tools
- Seamless data reading
- Surpac Brochure [pdf]
- Surpac Configurations Data Sheet [pdf]
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Mine design and modelling for coal, oil sands and other stratified deposits
Minex is an advanced and highly regarded coal/strata bound modelling and planning software package. It has been developed in partnership with the world's leading coal operations since 1970 and remains at the forefront of the mining industry.
Central Applications
- Geology Modeling and Deposit Evaluation
- Long Term Mine Planning
- Long Term Mine Planning
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Strategic mine planning
Whittle is the world's most popular and effective life-of-mine scheduling, optimisation and analysis solution for open cut mines. Mine planners depend on the system to help them maximise NPV, balance schedules, and to optimize blends and stockpiles.

With results that are trusted by the financial community, Whittle is also used in pre-feasibility and feasibility studies.
- System Overview [pdf]
- Essential tools (Foundation) [pdf]
- Optimise multiple mines (Multi-Mine) [pdf]
- Blend optimisation [pdf]
- Multi-element mines [pdf]
- Pushbacks [pdf]
- Stockpile and cut-off optimisation [pdf]
- Ultimate optimisation algorithm (Milawa) [pdf]
- Create custom value models (Value Expressions) [pdf]
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